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From: Debbie's Days

From the March Sweeps Preview section of the March 3 issue of Soap Opera Weekly (all quotes are from Jean Passanante) (Sweeps are in March this year, instead of February, because of the transition from analog to digital TV that was supposed to occur on Feb. 17 but was postponed until June):

Paul/Meg/Dusty: "Paul is flipping out that Dusty and Meg seem to be closer, that Dusty seems to be fulfilling a parental function in Eliza's life, and he starts doing some pretty crazy things. What we're building toward is an explosive set of circumstances in which Paul is trying to blow up the situation with Meg and Dusty."

Lucy: "She becomes a factor in the whole Paul/Meg situation, as well as the Craig situation. She's going to be helping Dusty -- he has not really forgiven her for what she did, but that gets better. Her efforts to make that happen are part of her reason for helping Dusty have more access to Johnny. There's always the risk that Craig will find out -- which he does!"

Craig/Carly/Jack/Janet: "Carly and Craig continue to get closer through their business, and they're starting to get closer personally. Carly is more dependent on Craig emotionally; he's becoming more a part of her life. At the same time, when Parker is taking care of Johnny and allows Dusty to see him, this causes a bit of a breach between Craig and Parker. It is the beginning of a big story that will affect the whole family -- including Craig [I'm assuming she means Jack] and Janet -- with Parker starting to rebel against what he perceives as his fractured and conflicted family. It will get to a point where Parker will have had enough. It really leads to some big ramifications for everybody.

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