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Soap Opera Source Spoilers in detail for the week of February 23rd

Phillip believes that Brady and Nicole are having an affair and he confronts Nicole. She denies it, but he knows that the two are hiding something. Phillip tells Nicole to make EJ back off the AFP. At the same time, EJ forces Melanie to sign over the rights to the AFP to the DiMeras. When EJ returns home, Nicole tries to persuade him to back off of the AFP. EJ refuses. Nicole accuses him of putting work before family. Nicole refuses to marry EJ until she hears news that Sami is on her way home. Then, Nicole has a change of heart.

Nicole calls Phillip and tells him that she tried to convince EJ and Phillip tells her to try harder. Phillip is close to telling EJ that Nicole and Brady are having an affair when news breaks that Lucas is in the hospital. Nicole runs to the door and Sami is there. Nicole almost mentions Samiís pregnancy but catches herself in time. Sami notices that there is tension between EJ and Nicole, which Nicole downplays. EJ is so frustrated by Nicoleís insecurity regarding Sami that EJ rips up the AFP formula. Nicole finds it and gives it to Phillip.

Maggie tells Daniel that she told a drunken Lucas about the affair and Daniel tries to reach Chloe. Chloe finds Lucas, who isnít breathing. Chloe makes a vow To God that if he saves Lucas, she will always stay with Lucas. Lucas regains consciousness but canít remember everything. Chloe realizes that she must end things with Daniel. When Chloe realizes that Lucas canít remember about her and Daniel, Chloe sees it as a sign. Lucas misinterprets her plea as guilt and Lucas canít promise that the two will get back together. Chloe breaks up with Daniel anyways. Lucas tells Kate that he and Chloe broke up which led him to drink. He tells his mother that Chloe wants to get back together, but he isnít so sure.

Phillip learns that Kate is in remission and tells her sons not to walk away from love. Daniel is stunned that Chloe is ending things, she tells him about her plea to God and she must honor it. Daniel threatens to tell Lucas about their affair, but Chloe says she still wouldnít be with him. Kate comes upon the two of them and sees them kiss. Later, Kate toys with Daniel but doesnít reveal what she saw. Chloe asks for Kateís support in reuniting with Lucas. Kate lies and agrees. Kate goes to a delighted Victor and asks for his help in taking down Chloe.

Hope brings Ciara to the park to visit with Bo. Ciara asks when Bo will come home. Bo is thrilled when Hope tells him she misses him. She will allow him to come home on one condition Ė he must share his visions (if any) that he has. Bo agrees, and then has a vision of Hope making love to another man. Sami visits Lucas in the hospital and she blames Chloe for his falling of the wagon. Lucas asks Sami about her baby and she lies, claiming it was stillborn. When Sami sees Sydney, she has an emotional reaction. She is reunited with Johnny and Sami and EJ have a close moment while a jealous Nicole looks on
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