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Rachel really is a lovely girl. Very intelligent and I agree she should be a writer. Even simple blog posts by her so more depth then Dena LOL. I enjoyed reading this. I always like reading her blogs.

Having said that, why do I get the feeling she will be back on Days sooner rather then later? Her last blog seemed so optimistic and hopeful and this one seems deflating. Rachel is smart and I'm sure she thought about this but even the smart ones don't always make it big. I do think she thought it would be easier then it looks and that maybe she over estimated her value. It's not 8 years ago when young actors and actresses like her could bolt and find some sort of work, at least for a little while. It's hard out there for everyone now with the economy and network cutbacks. If actresses in her bracket like Lindsey Hartley and Martha Madison can't find work, chances are it won't be easy for her either. Plus, she her a very unique look to her. I think that is why she is growing her hair out for marketability (which is good because I can't stand her hair style right now LOL).

I hope she finds something or, if she doesn't, that she returns to Days. Part of me thinks that as much as she thought about this, that she left moreso because she felt her character had hit a wall and was going nowhere right now so she took the opportunity to get out and see what's out there. If she ends up coming back, she can start with a clean slate pretty much.

The good thing for her is she still is working at Days for a bit longer so she has time to find something.
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