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What a waste of a promo.

I understand not wanting to spoil the Lucas/Chloe cliffhanger. I can see why they would feature this story but make it interesting. Sami comes back and with all the buildup, they could've made one hell of a promo. They could've even thrown in some of the Philip/Nicole stuff from this Monday and did a promo like last spring where it said something like 'it's war between Sami and Nicole." Make it interesting. Don't just show 10 seconds of recap and 5 seconds of new stuff that is nothing but a false cliffhanger. Dumb.

I hate the shortened promo format too. It reminds me of 1999 when Days had really short promos or none at all. I remember hearing it was because of something going on with NBC. I wonder if this is part of the budget cuts? I remember Passions started getting short ass promos like these when they took a massive cut too. These suck, plain and simple. They need to be longer to get people excited. There is barely time to feature anything.

God, I pray they start improving them. The promos overall for the last month have been pretty bad.
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