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Feb 21 2009, 03:27 PM
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Maybe not as much as an actor or actress or whomever but with all the stuff that leaks online (look at last summer's scandal) and all the insiders (and some are proven) that circulate around, I wouldn't say we are completely ignorant.
That's pretty much what I was saying...
Well, if it was, my apologies, but the way I took it is that no one could have any idea.

We have a few people on this board who know alot about the goings on and I know people on other boards that do too, all of which have been validated. That is all I am trying to say. An actor or actress is not the only authority on the subject. Half the time, you can't even trust them because they can have their own agenda too.

And I don't think people are really raking him over the coals either. Some just felt he could've said what he wanted to say in some respects differently and I agree but everyone is different. I don't take issue with people who have no problem with it either. I see it both ways.
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