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Feb 21 2009, 03:34 PM
No, they're not the only authority, but no matter how much we might know, the actors know more, because they're there and we're not. So, from their POV, we do lack the first-hand insight that they have.
They're not there for everything, though. Some don't film much or just film their stuff and leave. Some don't even like associating with anyone outside of their scenes or outside of work.

I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you. Just pointing out there is more to it then what your saying and I don't think the fact that they are "there," especially in the Internet age, makes their insight much better then many of us on a board like this. Just look at the board and all the backstage stuff that gets posted and all the spoilers we get and so on. Sometimes you read an actor say they had no idea someone was coming or going or that something was happening until they read it on the boards or in a magazine. Sometimes the actors have less insight into things then we do.
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