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Feb 21 2009, 03:35 PM
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Well, if it was, my apologies, but the way I took it is that no one could have any idea.

We have a few people on this board who know alot about the goings on and I know people on other boards that do too, all of which have been validated. That is all I am trying to say. An actor or actress is not the only authority on the subject. Half the time, you can't even trust them because they can have their own agenda too.
Tim, unless people on this board are actually THERE on a day in, day out basis, you honestly think they know more than the actors do? What the heck agenda would Thaao have now? You think he's that catty that he'd be saying that to sink the show? Why is it when someone might be honestly critical, they have an agenda? WHY is this so horrible, what he said? It's nothing more and a lot less than some of the insults said about them. He didn't name any names, after all.
I never said he had an agenda nor did I say what he said was horrible. Speaking for myself, I only felt he could've said some things differently but that's just my view on it. I don't think he really did anything wrong nor do I think he should be bashed for what he said. I just understand and agree with those who say he could've went about it differently.

I also never said an actor can't know more then us. Yes, they are there, but, as I just explained in my last post, they don't always know as much as we think they do. That's all I'm saying.
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