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I love Rachel and wish her the best, but at the same time I'm very nervous for her. It's always difficult to get a steady acting job, but in this economy and with the cutbacks in the entertainment business, it may be much harder than she thought to get enough work to support herself. Look at NBC alone--by handing over to Jay Leno the 10:00 ET spot next fall, they have given up five hours of primetime programming a week. Less programming equals less opportunity for actors to find work. I believe RM is very talented, but that's no guarantee she will find a job. I remember hearing an actor on a talk show recently, a very good actor (but I can't remember his name right now), who said he was ready to move back east and work for his brother's construction business when he finally landed a series role.

So, good luck to Rachel, and if nothing works out, I'd love to see her continue with or come back to DAYS. She's a fine actress, an intelligent young woman and a very good writer. She has a bright future; she may just have to move a little more cautiously than she wants to right now.
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