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Feb 21 2009, 05:46 PM
In general, when I hear or read someone throw out a line like "lack of insights" I find it condescending and unnecessary. To me it's an approach to debate that usually masks a weak position, and it can come off as an attempt to end a conversation while holding whatever privileged information there is instead of, y'know, actually having a respectful dialogue about things.

So, yes, Thaao definitely has specific knowledge about things that I do not. At the same time, he's not omniscient so I take his comments as revealing part of the truth of the situation. By throwing out "lack of insights" in his comment, my personal opinion that he's arrogant has been reinforced. I don't think that's bashing him, by the way, because I didn't say that being arrogant was a bad thing, so please don't feel like there's a need to jump on me and defend him.
Please don't interpret me as jumping on you for bashing Thaao, but I disagree with you on one point.

When Thaao posted on his guestbook, I don't think his intention was to have a respectful dialogue. If that was his interest, he'd be on a message board. He was just stating how he felt on his guestbook to his fans. Is he being disrespectful to Reilly fans for even putting it out there on the internet? Maybe so. But it wasn't a venue for Reilly fans, it was a venue for Thaao fans. JMO.
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