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Feb 22 2009, 04:37 PM
No surprise. The writing for Daniel is much better the last month or so and it seems after the Chelsea and Kate fiascos the show finally found a place where he fits. I didnīt like the way he and Chloe got together, but lately I really donīt have the problem with the pairing and even believe they are in love. Plus, the writing for the couple got better immensely. I really liked the scene with Chloe and the priest and actually smiled when Dan was so giddy and happy they can be finally together on friday because even without spoilers it was so clear something terrible is about to happen. They are the rooting couple now with Lucas and Kate as obstacles. IMO, it works.

I agree. You could tell something changed in the last month or so. They take it seriously now and they are actually building them as a long-term couple. I can actually buy them as an actual couple after seeing them get a taste of happiness this past week.

They have the chemistry and now the show can actually go on with this and make it a long-term story like they have been doing of late and it's been working. The last couple weeks has brought me into the story. I was annoyed before because of how they brought them together and I tolerated it because I felt it was an exit story and it had that "trainwreck" and "sordid" feel to it but they've sold me on the pairing and the story. I'm glad they did too because they needed a solid B story to go along with the A story of Nicole/EJ/Sami/etc and Melanie/Philip/Stephanie still has some developing to do IMO.

Plus, I'm not shocked by this. We would've heard if he was leaving by now and, as I said, you could sense a change in the past few weeks. It no longer felt like an exit story for him or Chloe. Plus, with the economy and budget cuts, why would he leave? I mean, SC has done other things. He's left daytime and found success so he's established himself. He's probably better off staying with a steady gig instead of bolting right now and taking a chance in the current state of things.
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