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^^ Well, there might be others (on the internet or not) who like his acting - that's why I said "imo". My opinion of his acting is based in part on the fact that his facial expression does not seem to change an iota depending on who he's talking to, male or female. I know which Nicole scenes you're referring to, and I wasn't impressed with GG at all. Since Ari Zucker is a very engaging actress who does seem to have chemistry with most people, those scenes lead me to think even less of GG's acting. The other two actors/actresses on the show whose acting "skills" seem similar to GG's, imo, are Nadia Bjorlin and Josh Taylor.

As for the Rafe character, that's a different issue. I agree with you that the writers might try to develop the character more over the next few months, but I personally don't think GG will be up to the challenge.
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