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Thanks so much for these! :D

For the week of March 9th:

---The noose continued to tighten around Nicole's neck. She asked Brady whether or not she had anything to worry about. She did -- Philip learned EJ was responsible for destroying Titan's files, so he was going to tell him about Nicole and Brady. Brady assured her everything would be fine -- doubt it, even if Dr. Baker did leave town.

---And the ties binding Sami and Rafe continued to tighten. He lost his job with the FBI, so she spoke with Abe on his behalf. He wasn't happy about that, but he did formally apply for a job with the Salem P.D., which Roman wasn't too happy about. What does he have against Rafe?

---Desperate for a tie that binds, Chloe begged Lucas to elope, which made his suspicious. What wasn't she telling him? When Kate arrived to confront her daughter-in-law to be, she learned the elopement was taking place. Over her dead body.

---Kate was still intent on destroying Chloe, but Victor warned that the truth about the affair would have to come from someone other than her. Kate asked Daniel point-blank if he'd had an affair with Chloe and he denied. And he wanted to know if Kate was interested in getting back together.

---Roman questioned Stefano about the mayor's murder. Stefano gave up nothing (surprise), but we later learned he was responsible. And he was willing to kill again to protect his secret.

---Philip learned that a virus had destroyed all of Titan's files, including the alternative fuel project. He confronted EJ, who retained the upper hand. Philip was more worried about Victor's reaction. Melanie was also worried and got a surprise EJ was never interested in the project! But somebody else was. Tony.

---Chelsea had a surprise for Stephanie: she and Max had made love! Surprised Stephanie said she was okay with it. When Chelsea overheard Max talk about how much he wanted to be a parent, however, she rethought their relationship. He insisted they had a future together; after all, they were both adopted.

---Hope was thrilled to be reinstated on the force. Bo, however, was NOT thrilled when he saw Hope talking with Rafe.

**UPDATED 2/25**

SOW Spoilers

Week of March 9th:

- Nicole vows to protect Grace.
- Chelsea dumps Max.
- Will grows suspicious.
- Tony has an idea for Melanie.

CDN TV Guide spoilers
Philip and Stephanie discover Titan's computer files are missing; Nicole is worried that Philip might spill the beans to EJ, and she calls Brady for help.

Chelsea is reminded that she will not be able to have children; Sami learns that Rafe has lost his job; Chloe begs Lucas to elope.

Rafe applies for a job with the Salem police department; Chloe and Lucas argue over her desire to elope.

Chloe tries to use Will to her advantage; Rafe urges Sami to reconsider bringing Grace back to Salem.

Brady refuses to give Melanie confirmation of the destroyed fuels project; Chelsea confronts Max about having children and tells him there's no point in continuing their relationship.

**UPDATED 3/4**


- Chelsea breaks things off with Max.
- The person behind the mayor's murder is revealed.
- Lucas notes that Sydney looks like Allie.


- Philip confronts EJ when the fuels project files are destroyed.
- Chelsea reconsiders her relationship with Max.
- Sami yearns to bring Grace home.
- The person behind the mayor's murder is revealed.
- Nicole turns to Brady when Philip threatens her.

Wednesday, March 11th: Bo is edgy after seeing Hope with Rafe.

Daily spoilers

Monday, March 9th
Philip confronts E.J.; Roman asks Stefano about the hit on the mayor; Nicole wants to find out what Sami is up to.

Tuesday, March 10th
Max comes face to face with Will; Chloe asks Lucas to elope; Sami learns that Rafe has lots his job in Washington; Rafe asks Roman for a job.

Wednesday, March 11th
Sami misses Grace more than ever; Hope and Daniel have a heart to heart; Bo has another vision; Lucas and Chloe argue.

Thursday, March 12th
Lucas and Chloe decide to elope; Sami wants to bring Grace to Salem; Nicole gets a mysterious call; Kate is determined to destroy Chloe.

Friday, March 13th
Chloe and Lucas pack for Las Vegas; Melanie confronts E.J.; Chelsea thinks there is no point in continuing her relationship with Max.

**UPDATED 3/6**

Summary for week of 3/9

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Lucas and Chloe decide to give their relationship a second chance. Nicole is done with being blackmailed by Dr. Baker. Will schemes to reunite Sami and Lucas. Philip and Stephanie discover that all of Titan's computer files are missing. A computer technician arrives and states that a worm virus destroyed Titan's files, including the Alternative Fuels project. Philip guesses the "worm" is none other than EJ DiMera. Meanwhile, EJ semi-assuages Nicole's jealousy toward Sami. As the two make up, Philip arrives at the mansion to confront EJ. EJ retains the upper hand, and Philip, getting nowhere with his accusations, leaves. Stefano enters and expresses pride in his son. Meanwhile, Philip shrugs off Stephanie's comfort and worries about his father's reaction to what's happened to Titan. Roman needles Stefano about the hit on the mayor, but Stefano insists he had nothing to do with it. Roman says they'll see what happens. Stefano makes a private call to make sure all of his ties to the killer's employers are cut, and cryptically admits he was behind the mayor's death. Worried after Philip barges in that he might tell EJ about her secret, Nicole calls Brady to ask for his help. Brady apprises an upset Melanie during their game of darts that the fuels project is lost. Melanie shows a bit of her human side and she starts to see Brady as one of the world's few good guys. Back at the DiMera mansion, Nicole vows to find out what Sami's up to and to protect Grace. Sami visits Sister Theresa and asks her not to let anyone else hold her baby. She can only imagine the consequences if anyone happened to find out the truth about Grace. Later, she talks to Roman and asks him to pull some strings to help Rafe's employment status. Roman hopes Rafe will be able to stay in D.C. and asks Sami about her plans. Sami admits she's unsure about what she wants to do.

SNEAK PEEK: A Las Vegas elopement is in the works.


**UPDATED 3/7**

More Daily spoilers

Monday, March 9th
Melanie learns from Brady that the fuel-project files were destroyed; Philip confronts EJ about the files; Roman needles Stefano about the hit on the mayor; Sami visits Sister Theresa and asks her not to let anyone else hold Grace.

Tuesday, March 10th
Stephanie and Chelsea discuss the men in their lives, and Chelsea is reminded of her inability to have children; Kate plays mind games with Daniel, causing him to rethink letting Chloe go; Rafe rebuffs Sami's actions to help him.

Wednesday, March 11th
Dr. Baker informs Nicole that he's leaving town; Daniel buys Hope a cup of coffee at the Brady Pub; Sami tells Rafe she needs him; Chloe and Lucas fight, and Lucas is convinced that Chloe's still not telling him everything.

Thursday, March 12th
Kate asks Daniel if he had an affair with Chloe; Will talks about wanting Sami and Lucas together again; Nicole receives a mysterious phone call; Daniel urges Lucas to indulge Chloe in whatever she wants.

Friday, March 13th
Chloe and Lucas leave for Las Vegas to elope; Philip tells Nicole that he's going to expose her "affair" with Brady; Melanie confronts EJ about the fuels project; Chelsea and Max discuss whether there's a future for their relationship.

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