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I love this Kiriakis/Dimera stuff. So, EJ was never interested in the project but Tony was ? I wonder what that means. That intrigues the hell out of me.

Glad we finally have Stefano own up to the mayor's death. His saying he would kill again makes me wonder if he may actually kill Tony. Now THAT would be some great drama.

Kate/Victor sounds great.

That Chelsea/Max shit annoys me. Now I'm glad she is going. I'm happy they actually mention both were adopted but man I hate when they try to justify BS.

Glad Hope is back on the force and the waste of time that was her split with Bo is over. I don't care if they want to do something with Hope and Rafe as long as they do something meaningful. This whole month-long separation angle sucked and it really stuck out when all the other stories were progressing and had actual direction.

These sound good. Thanks Angie.
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