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Well well, so Stef had Moroni offed - suspected as much. I just hope it doesn't lead to Stefano's exit. My guess is they won't be able to prove it legally, just like many other things he's done. But it will be 'known', and probably tie into the far-too-delayed downfall of NicHo the Baby Stealer, and EJ's alienation from his father, whom he's been way too cocky about trusting since he fell into the Misty Circle of Duh. Looks like it's Brady's turn to fall for Nicole's line now, poor guy. But better him than EJ, who it seems will have eyes for no one but his true love Sami pretty much the minute she hits town. Can't wait to see their incredible chemistry on screen again - it's been way too long!

Meanwhile, Rafe, who is a low-rent version of Bo basically, is going to start causing trouble for Bo and Hope. Whatever. Isn't that guy's contract up *yet*?? <yawn>

Gotta love Victor and Kate scheming against Chloe - finally something entertaining coming from the beyond dull Luloe pairing. I do wish they hadn't made Dr. Dan into the resident ManHo - his instant 'romance' with Chloe has been about as unbelievable as anything I've ever seen on DOOL, and that's saying a lot. Boy do I wish DOOL could afford some decent writers!

Side note - I was thinking that the writers are really going to regret making John half Brady, because it makes even more people related. It means Brady and Stephanie are 2d cousins (not that such trivialities seem to slow these writers down much), and boy are they lucky Bo is illegitimate, or Belle and Shawn would be too! LOL
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