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Feb 25 2009, 04:04 AM
Thanks Angie for the spoilers ....

I think it may be Phillip that kills Tony - There is a spoiler out there that Phillip and Stefano meet. There is so many angles this can go but I think at the end of the day it will be Phillip who ices Tony. Why because Phillip screwed up the Fuels project and somehow this will lead to some unholy alliances perhaps with Stefano maybe with Tony. Victor seems so displeased with Phillip lately and has basically crowned Brady as his new lead man at Titan. Phillip is the one on the hot seat and acting so irrational. It also seems like JKJ was not happy so perhaps the writers are turning him to the darkside giving him some meaty material.

The Hope and Rafe thing I saw a mile away.

The big question will be EJ. EJ seems to be at the core of practically every story. I guess when you cut cast this happens to a few characters.
I doubt it will be Philip. I think so far they made it very clear while Phillip likes to look scary and tough as Victor, he really isnīt. He wasnīt able to deal properly with Melanie, who actually outsmarted him at the end because she didnīt believe his threat are real, he has a week spot in the form of Stephanie, etc.

On the other side, EJ is all suave and nice on surface but weīve got a lot of chances to see his true face lately. He made it clear to Mel she better not try any tricks on him and she knew he means business, his arrogant talks with Tony, his scary and nearly abusive outburst with Nicol yesterday.

Phillip and EJ are like the exact opposites. Deep down Phillip is a nice guy, but he is trying to look bad and in control to convince his father he deserves to be a head of Titan. On the other side, EJ is really bad. He is a DiMera and proud of it. And sorry Ejole and Ejami fans, but I really doubt there is any kind of happiness in the future for him.
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