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Feb 25 2009, 01:28 AM
What does Philip even have on Nicole and Brady? Nothing. All he is going on is that the two may have a secret that they're keeping from EJ. He has no proof that of anything that they're doing. It's so stupid. The writers couldn't have at least made it look like Nicole and Brady were doing something wrong, so that Philip could have actual reason to blackmail Nicole. This is stupid.

Normally, I would totally agree with you, but this actually works for me. Philip knows that Nicole and Brady are hiding something from EJ and, under these circumstances that's enough because he doesn't need proof of anything. If he tells EJ about Brady and Nicole's conversation, Nicole knows that EJ will go through the roof (particularly after yesterday) and she really does have something to hide.

I think Philip was probably bluffing a little bit when he confronted Nicole because, you are right, he didn't have anything concrete. But, Nicole couldn't take the chance of calling his bluff which proved to Philip that she was in fact hiding something. So, as I said, I think this all actually works pretty well.
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