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Feb 25 2009, 08:52 AM
Wow! So Sami was right and continues to be. How can anyone argue that her fears weren't valid once it's made known that Stefano, in essence, was the one trying to have her killed. Clearly he had no idea she was carrying the new DiMera heir.
It's not the way I wanted to see the story go...but then again, that's been true for months now. :shrug:

i can still argue that her fears aren't valid and i will. just because they retconned the story to make stefano supposedly dangerous doesn't mean that i buy it. right after the mayor was murdered, we had scenes where stefano tried to tell ej that he shouldn't be with nicole, and that sami was clearly the right woman for him. but now we are supposed to believe he wanted her dead the whole time?

sorry sami fans, sorry dena higley. NO amount of rewrites will change what i saw on my tv screen. as far as i am concerned, stefano had the mayor killed because of lexie, and sami accidentally got involved, which led the killer to want her dead, not stefano.

i also find it odd that james scott seems to be the odd man out in the 'romantic' spoilers for the past few weeks. i still wonder if they aren't planning on him leaving the show in the next few months. otherwise, why set sami up with two potential romantic interests besides him?

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