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This week's SOD features an interview with Rachel Melvin, where she discusses her decision to leave Days.

Melvin explains that when her contract was up last year, she'd been debating leaving at that point, because she'd wanted to "try other things". She says she'd never intended to be on a soap that long - "That's not saying that it's a negative thing, but when you think of soaps, you think, 'Oh, beautiful people,' and I never categorized myself that way, and I guess I just kind of discounted the possibility of working on one." She says that this being said, however, working on Days was "the most amazing, magical thing that could have happened" since she's grown so much in the past four years, and she's met some wonderful people.

Melvin says that last year, she ended up signing a one-year deal: "I didn't necessarily want a raise or want outs, I just wanted one year." She decided that this would be her year to save up money, and unless at the end of the year she was "so artistically engaged in a story" that she couldn't say no to staying, she'd leave.

Ken Corday called Melvin [to discuss her leaving] when she was on her way to an audition, and she was at first worried, because "in a sense it's like a breakup", and she was "unprepared how to handle it". However, Corday praised her decision: "Everything he had to say to me, I felt like a father or an uncle telling me... I did not feel like it was the owner of the show talking to me, and I mean that in a very, very good way. It was as a friend, someone who I felt genuinely cared about the path of my career".

Melvin says that the role of Chelsea won't be recast, and that if she wanted to return, "it could be a possibility, not a guarantee", but she is grateful to Corday that "he kind of left that door open".

Melvin then discusses which of her castmates knew she was leaving. She says Darin Brooks "is one of my close friends and knew I'd be leaving", and that Blake Berris "of course knew". However, "Shelley is a different story"; Melvin says that Shelley Hennig "is really kind of upset, not in a mad way, but in a very disappointed way" and that Hennig keeps texting her and telling her she's going to miss her.

Melvin does not know her last air date, but she says her contract is up April 18th, and the show is off the first two weeks of April. "I could only be here for three more weeks. It's weird to think about."

SOD then has a small piece where Melvin mentions a Tiffany charm bracelet that the fans from "cure my tragedy", a Chelsea/Dan fan site, sent her for her birthday. She says what a nice feeling it was to get the little blue Tiffany box, and that she'd just done crying scenes on the show, so she was "feeling vulnerable" and started crying when she saw it. "It was a nice surprise and I am so grateful to everyone there. These people don't even know me and they're giving me something so special."
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