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This week's SOW features an interview with James Scott, and this week's SOD features an interview with Ali Sweeney.

James Scott tells SOW that "it's a very complicated courtship" between Sami and EJ. "They're constantly trying to get under each other's skin, in good ways and bad."

EJ stops by Sami's apartment to give Sami a toy for Johnny. Sami and EJ discuss the fact that Johnny is a DiMera. Sweeney explains that Sami realizes EJ "isn't blindly following Stefano", and that "it is supposed to lead to that moment of her wondering if maybe she is wrong about hiding Grace from him." Sami also tells EJ not to marry Nicole, which EJ does not like hearing, because he feels it's not her place to say it and because he disagrees. EJ asks Sami why she's telling him this, and Sami tells EJ it's because part of her will always love EJ. As James Scott says, "It's a beautiful moment when EJ hears this", because "this is something that meant so much to EJ at one time". However, Scott says that EJ doesn't make a big deal over what Sami says. "He just accepts it and lets it be."

Sami leaves the room for a moment, and there's a knock at the door. EJ answers, and - it's Rafe! EJ just says "can I help you?", but then as Scott says, "Sami appears, bounces towards Rafe like a little Bambi, and they hug each other." EJ is "a little concerned" over this, though it's clear to him that the two do have "some sort of relationship". Sami wants to introduce Rafe to the twins, and as Sweeney says, "EJ is uncomfortable seeing Rafe in that setting."

Rafe then gets a call and tells Sami he has to leave Salem right away. Sami walks Rafe out and, as Sweeney explains, "Sami realizes how close she is to him and that she doesn't want him to go". Sami gives him a kiss goodbye; Sweeney says "it's become clear to them that they both want more, but they're still sort of tentative about it." EJ, however, witnesses their kiss. Is EJ jealous? "Maybe" says Scott. "EJ's a little upset that there's a guy in Sami's life. He's sad at the loss of this person who very apparently has feelings for somebody else."

EJ then goes to talk to Roman, because EJ feels that anyone assigned to protect Sami should not be in a relationship with her. Sami interrupts the two, because she wants to ask Roman to keep Rafe in Salem. Sami is very angry at EJ, and EJ tells Sami that he saw her kissing Rafe. Sami says, as SOW puts it, she "loves Rafe as a friend and hopes to have a shot at a relationship with him". Scott says that "EJ is irritated", because "it's obviously a serious relationship and not just physical".

EJ then goes home, where Nicole is waiting for him, upset, because Sami's told her about EJ's reaction to Sami's having kissed Rafe. Scott says that "EJ wants to hide in the cellar with a bottle of Jack Daniels" because "the woman he's supposed to marry is being irrational", while "the woman he used to be married to and still has feelings for has gone off with somebody else". Scott explains that "EJ can never seem to get away from Sami", and that EJ "loves [Sami] in the most absurd way". Scott says that EJ would be happy with Nicole if Sami weren't in Salem. "But she is, and that makes it hard."

And as for Sami? Sweeney says that Sami has changed. "It's not the same old Sami where she's up to nasty, selfish tricks." Sweeney explains that Rafe has "a different perspective" on Sami, and "the pregnancy kept a distance from both sides and now it's turning into something more."
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