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This week's SOW features an interview with Darin Brooks about both the Chelsea/Max story and Darin's future plans.

Brooks tells SOW that Max sees Chelsea and Daniel talking at the Cheatin' Heart. Max gets a little jealous, but then he realizes that they were discussing Kate's recovery. Max feels terrible, while Daniel encourages Chelsea to spend more time with Max.

Max and Chelsea go to the park for a date. They discuss the past, and they discuss what Stephanie's reaction to their relationship would be. Chelsea and Max both admit to each other that they're scared. But then, as Brooks says, because "they're two different people now" than they were in the past, "they decide to explore things and see what happens".

Max takes Chelsea home, and they go up to her room. They kiss, but as Brooks says, "they spend the night together fully clothed", and nothing happens. However, the next morning, they make love. Brooks says that "there's a love montage. It's romantic and passionate."

However, when Max tries to sneak out, Bo catches him! Brooks says that Bo realizes what went on, and "Bo's not happy that Max and Chelsea were disrespecting the house." Bo yells at Max and tells him to get out. Chelsea runs up to her room, and Hope calms Bo down. Bo says he should go apologize to Max, but Hope says that Bo should deal with Chelsea, while she'll go deal with Max.

SOW then asks Brooks about the show's plans for Max, since Rachel Melvin is leaving. Brooks says that he's not sure, but "I did hear talk about a new love interest for Max." He laughs and says, "Hopefully it will be somebody he's not related to."

Brooks is asked if he'll miss Melvin. He says "I love Rachel to death" and that he wishes her the best. He knows she'll find other work and "she'll be just fine". He's happy for her that she's going to "try and explore other things", and he says "everybody has to leave the nest".

Brooks says he's still waiting to see if his pilot, Blue Mountain State, gets picked up, and that if it does, he'd "have to be out for June, July and August". He doesn't know how Days would want to work around that, and he's hoping for the best.

SOW then asks Brooks if he'd want to "make both shows work". Brooks says: "I could try and do that", but if he finds out that the pilot was picked up before Melvin leaves, "and other opportunities arise as well", then perhaps it would be a good opportunity to have Max "ride off into the sunset with Chelsea" in a "nice little ending story" for the two of them.
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