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Feb 25 2009, 03:20 PM
Nicole Dimera
Feb 25 2009, 01:43 PM
LMFAO the image of Sami bouncing like Bambi is hilarious. I can't watch this crap and I refuse to watch another triangle involving Sami where she's wishy washy and telling one man one thing while telling the other another.
That is probably the only thing I am looking forward to seeing...JS's version of Sami bouncing like Bambi. What a way to describe it! Must be over the top or something!

And it is another wishy washy story where it doesn't seem like Sami can make up her mind. We just did this for the past two years...now we throw another guy into the mix? Why?
And since i get the impression that Chloe and Dan are the rooting couple, Lucas might be thrown into this when Will returns.

I truly don't know what to make of how this is going. I thought I had an idea, but not so much anymore. What about the babies? What about the weddings? Where are the big reveals and twists and turns?
Why can't Sami make up her mind in deed. That is the number one reason why the character of Sami sucks major balls right now. The real Sami ALWAYS knew what she wanted, or at least, thought she knew. Either way she always had a clear direction of what she wanted to do. Wishy-washy Sami is total character assassination.
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