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Feb 25 2009, 01:04 PM
Feb 25 2009, 12:43 PM
I don't understand any of this.

So does Sami love Rafe and would like to try a relationship with him, but she will always love EJ? EJ has "feelings" for Sami, but wants to marry Nicole if Sami wasn't in Salem? And EJ can't have Nicole around Brady because of his jealousy, but Sami brags to Nicole that EJ is jealous of Rafe, and Nicole gets angry and this upsets EJ because she is jealous?

Is AS writing this shit again because nothing is making any sense!
Thanks Ellie!
It's the natural result of writing to please multiple fanbases instead of produce a good story: an incoherent mess.

ETA: Thanks, Ellie!
yup, you and alligato hit the nail on the head. none of this makes any sense. ej goes into a screaming rage over jealousy of brady, but then he thinks nicole is 'irrational' for being upset about him being angry when he sees sami kissing rafe. then we have the lines sami loves ej and always will(even though she has never said this before) but also has feelings for rafe.

huh? color me totally confused, both with the storyline, and the actor's interpretations--not that any logical human being could figure out a way to interpret this storyline in a reasonable manner.
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