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Feb 25 2009, 03:28 PM
That is the number one reason why the character of Smai sucks major balls right now. The real Sani ALWAYS knew what she wanted, or at least, thought she knew. Either way she always had a clear direction of what she wanted to do. Wishy washy Ssmi is total character assassination.
That's a really interesting observation and I think you're totally right. I find it difficult to believe that Sami could have multiple men interested in her, therefore, I thought that was the problem for me (and it still is). However, as you point out, looking at it from the other end, Sami usually has a very clear picture in her mind of who and what she wanted, and now she's half-assedly got feelings here, there and everywhere. It's not like her not to strongly believe she is in love with/meant to be with one particular man, even when that man is with someone else or otherwise doesn't seem that interested in her.

I'm also not seeing how she's above playing petty games or whatever AS said at the end there, since that's what she seems to be doing with Rafe and EJ. If it's not EJ's business to ask her about Rafe, it isn't hers to tell him not to marry Nicole. I guess I'll have to wait to see how it all play out.

Thanks for posting, Ellie!
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