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Feb 25 2009, 09:38 PM
This article seems pretty clear cut that Sami wants to try for a relationship with Rafe, for better or worse. She's not chasing after EJ or Lucas at this point so I don't understand how Sami is in the wrong here except for the fact it's Sami and she can never do anything right in some people's eyes. She is obviously correct in her assessment that Nicole is bad for EJ and she still cares for him and doesn't want him to get hurt...And don't we have a spoiler where Sami tells Nicole to reign in her man? How is Sami leading EJ on? Or Lucas for that matter? :shrug:
she's leading ej on by telling him that she will always love him and then telling him in the same week(or even the same conversation) that he shouldn't be with nicole, all while harboring feelings for rafe. i don't think anything about sami's character(past or present) would lead anyone to believe she is saying these things over 'concern' for ej. she's just mad he's with nicole and doesn't want him or nicole to be happy. that to me is perfectly in character with the kind of person sami has always been. it's not that sami can't 'do right' in my eyes, it's that her character is written to be inherently selfish and always has been written that way. the better question is..why should anyone believe sami is acting unselfishly for the first time in her life?
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