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Feb 25 2009, 10:43 PM
Suzanne Rogers is getting screentime?! Okay, I may have to tune back in. I've adored Ms. Rogers for DECADES.
You should. She's getting alot of screentime, although it seems they will back off on her a bit in March. Ever since Tomlin came on, she's been used a ton though. The most telling thing is she isn't just there. They are actually giving her stuff to do and making her active in story. I'm glad she and the show are getting praise for this.

I think this is the perfect chance for the show to bring one of her daughters on. Maggie is active on the canvas again so why not? This is the perfect change to rebuild the Horton's a bit and further bring Maggie into the center of the show so I say go for it. I just wish they would get rid of Mickey. I like Dobson but what a waste. They could at least have him appear once in awhile.
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