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I like Darin and still would like him to stay providing the story is better. This revisiting of Chex started ok but really fizzled after awhile. I would really like them to ease up a bit and slowly build a new pairing with Max and someone else. Perhaps focus on just him and have a romance spawn out of a story that is just about him. They still have not settled on what they want this character to be. Every 6 months it changes. If he is sticking around, they need to work on developing him. In a way, I wish they would bring back Frankie or give him more scenes with family because he needs some sort of touchstone. I feel like they isolate him too much, mostly because they pair him with his nieces and don't want to focus on the family thing. Now that he's not with any of his nieces, I say give him some more family scenes and work on Max as a character. He only gets scenes with Melanie right now. Give him more scenes with Bo, Roman, Caroline, etc. Start simple and go from there. They started that last year with the Trent story and then they dropped it all after September. They need to develop him.

I do like how he mentioned dating his nieces LOL. Clearly, he doesn't take it seriously and just goes out and plays what they give him. Otherwise, he would've quit, especially now since he is getting other opportunities. I don't like the idea of him leaving with Chelsea if he must leave. He does seem to want to stay but part of me wonders if Days, even though they clearly want him around, will still want him when he may have to take off the whole summer. That is when characters like Max are usually involved in heavy story with the kids out of school so they may not be happy about that. It should be interesting to see how this all goes, although I don't see the pilot being picked up.
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