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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 26 2009, 12:11 AM
Hmm..I believe Sami was all of about 16 when she kidnapped Belle. Just a bit different from a mature 35 year old woman doing it. But if you want to compare a 16 year old and a 35 year old, be my guest.

As for Sami calling out Nicole...She has reason for concern, does she not? Has she ever tried to kill her husbands like Nicole has? Should she not be worried for Johnny's safety..Again..Sami is not a saint..never said she was. But what was the last deceitful thing Sami did?? It's been quite a while, so maybe she's not the most mature character at this point but she's not the villian in this scenario. That goes to Nicole.

And calling it absurd makes perfect sense because there is "no common sense or reason" for EJ to love Sami after the way she has treated him in the past few years. Is that romantic? For some, sure. For others, its a sad excuse for romance.

Oh right...because EJ's a saint?? I admit that both characters have flaws and are better for that but let's be serious. Was Sami supposed to kiss the ground he walked on for the last few years???? :eyeroll: I think the sad excuse for a romance is the one that is imploding right now in the DiMera mansion thankfully. :popcorn:
Excellent post!

And I do have to give Nicole bonus points on the kidnapping babies contest. She really one upped Sami on that one - not only did she kidnap - but she pulled a baby switch, too! Sami can't compete with that one. No sir. :unsure:

None of these characters are without flaws - it's actually part of what makes them so interesting - and this a soap. But clearly the writing is portraying Sami and EJ as the victims of Nicole's machinations. They are both being victimized BY Nicole. Say what you will about Sami hiding (Mia's) baby from EJ, but the story is being written to justify her concerns. I'm not seeing that anywhere in Nicole's story. At ANY POINT IN TIME, all she had to do was tell EJ the truth about miscarrying the baby. And the fact is, if she had there would be a much stronger argument that EJole is the root for couple. I do believe that EJ would have been completely empathetic at their loss and would have shared her devastation and it likely would have brought them closer. But the story was not written that way...so here we are. Sami is warning EJ about something that is happening RIGHT NOW. She may not know that - but it doesn't change the fact that her warnings to EJ are completely justified, as well as her reasons for keeping Grace hidden. And Nicole will continue to dig her hole per the upcoming spoilers.
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