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I'm just going to throw my two cents in for grins!!! :wave:

Now this is MY two cents aka MY OPINION:

This whole EJ gets two women preggers/baby switch story is basic soap 101 to me. I think it's the only thing DH knows how to write. When Nicole miscarried and lied about it, it solidified EJAMI as the "root for" couple. Everything that has happened since has backed that up. Now, I questioned too how Sami was going to come out of this the "heroine" when she hid her baby from the father that she supposedly loves (which we as the audience were SCREWED out of hearing). BUT now that we've seen spoilers indicating that Stefano is behind the killing.............she will be justified in keeping her baby a secret. Coupled with the fact that I think EJ will think he "owes" Sami his forgiveness due to his past transgressions that she has forgiven him.

Now I know many are Nicole fans, and I like her too, just not in this particular storyline..............there is nothing "rootable" about what she's doing. She is spiraling out of control and her web of lies just keeps growing. I've seen the Canadian epi for today and she looks just a tad crazy when she's going off on Sami and backing her in the corner. AZ did an awesome job, but she still isn't the one that I think tptb want us rooting for.

I know many don't like Sami for various reasons, I myself like her quite alot. I think AS and AZ play great off each other and the scenes over the past couple of days have been great. It just seems to me in what I'm seeing playing out on my screen, Sami is trying to warn EJ and EJ is thinking it's just Sami's insecurities. But I think Sami has got a "gut feeling" about Nicole................one that will be proven correct.

I'm really starting to get back into Days............I've even put it back on the DVR, so I hope this storyline will continue to interest all of us...........whichever side of this story we find ourselves!! ;)
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