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Feb 25 2009, 11:02 PM
Feb 25 2009, 10:08 PM
But Sami knows nothing about Nicole's deception. All she knows is that Nicole had EJ's baby, they are being a family and that EJ is in love with Nicole and wants to marry her.

So for her to beg that he shouldn't marry Nicole while she wants a relationship with Rafe is just two faced.

Is Sami good news? Hell no. While she is thinking she will always love him and that he is good with his kids, she is hiding his baby from him. Total hypocrite there. I haven't seen Sami be honest about anything in a really long time. So no, I don't think she is being honest with EJ about her feelings.

JS summed it up by saying it is an "absurd" kind of love. The whole thing is absurd.
It really is interesting how differently fans can see the same article. I see alot of people throwing around the "absurd" comment as though it is a negative for EJami.

My take?

The definition of absurd:

contrary to all reason or common sense

Truly - is there a more accurate description for the love EJ has for Sami? I mean, for years he's tried and tried to win her heart - basically turned himself inside out and upside down for her - and she gave him little outward hope. But he loved her. Beyond all reason - certainly without logic or common sense. He was just incapable of stopping it.

He's absolutely right.
Scott explains that "EJ can never seem to get away from Sami", and that EJ "loves [Sami] in the most absurd way".
Yup. IMO it's the kind that great love stories are built on. :wub2:
I agree people have a different take on what ABSURD means. . . In the thesaurus, synonyms for ABSURB include:

preposterous; nonsensical; derisory; laughable; ludicrous; idiotic; cockeyed; absurd; ridiculous

JS or the writer could've replaced "absurd" with any one of those words and the meaning of EJ's 'love' for Sami would be the same! ;)
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