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Could James sound any less enthused about being put in Sami's orbit again? Absurb. Downplaying EJ's reaction to the ILY. :laugh: He sounds as confused as we are. He cant get away from her. Like a blood sucking leech. :laugh: If Dena wants Safe. More power to her. I could care less. They are FF material anyway. Why do all these characters have to have "feelings" for someone else?? Its a big clusterfuck and a confusing mess. Sami doesnt need another guy in the mix. She needs to take care of her kids, get a job and fix her issues. :eyeroll: The reason Sami became soo hated is she was wishy washy. Yeah lets just add to that. Dena is the worst writer ever. I feel bad for the actors having to put up with her crappy writing.
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