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Feb 26 2009, 08:50 AM
how does stefano being behind the mayor's murder justify sami hiding her baby? i don't get that. she willingly left her toddler at the mansion. i guess you can make the argument that sami was right about him, but it still brings up a host of uncomfortable questions like:

why did she leave johnny at the mansion so willingly?
why did she let mary babysit at least three seperate times, knowing she is an employee of stefano?
why did she have unprotected sex with ej, knowing that his father was supposedly so dangerous?
why does she think leaving a newborn in the first formative weeks of its life without its mother is ok?

sami's behavior or actions has never led a reasonable person to believe that she did anything out of fear of stefano. i don't think it was a coincidence that she decided to suddenly go into WP and hide the baby from ej when she saw him with nicole. so for me, that will always be the reason she lied, no matter how dena higley chooses to spin it to make sami the new carrie/belle/marlena. so again, if they wanted to make sami the new heroine of the show, it could have been done in a much more clear-cut way and i might have accepted that. but....like i have said before, making sami into the next heroine is a mistake. it's a disservice to the character and the actresses' talents.

To sum up the answers to all your questions in a word PLOT.

Dena's own twisted way of doing a story. Do I necessarily like it? No, but that's why all this is taking place the way it is....to fit into the PLOT.

Do I like all the ways Sami has been portrayed? No, but I haven't since before DH took over, so what's new??

In real life, none of this would make any sense at all................not any of it. But, we have to suspend a WHOLE lot of "real life" in order to watch soaps.....so I guess the question now is, do we care enough about these characters to overlook inconsistencies???

For the moment, I'm back in the game.....................but I'm not sure for how long.
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