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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Feb 26 2009, 08:50 AM
sami's behavior or actions has never led a reasonable person to believe that she did anything out of fear of stefano. i don't think it was a coincidence that she decided to suddenly go into WP and hide the baby from ej when she saw him with nicole. so for me, that will always be the reason she lied, no matter how dena higley chooses to spin it to make sami the new carrie/belle/marlena. so again, if they wanted to make sami the new heroine of the show, it could have been done in a much more clear-cut way and i might have accepted that. but....like i have said before, making sami into the next heroine is a mistake. it's a disservice to the character and the actresses' talents.

I do understand where you are coming from and I agree wholeheartedly with the last part of your post. As a big Sami fan, I don't particularly want to see her turned in to a lily white heroine. It is a total misuse of the character and the actress - particularly when you consider the YEARS she's spent being just the opposite. And one of the major reasons I love EJami is that neither character are necessarily heroic and both have done things that are completely horrible.

However, it does appear that is the direction they are heading. For whatever reason DAYS just cannot bring themselves to write a real romance for two darker characters - it's almost as if they feel compelled to 'redeem' them in order to make them worthy of love. So I suspect that is what we're entering in to - Sami is already being set up to be rewritten as the heroine. I think EJ will hit a very, very dark time and probably be a pretty despicable guy for a while - but in the end I think it could be that it will be Sami that will pull him out of the depths and he will then be suitably redeemed. Is all of that necessary to write a good love story? I don't think so - but I'm betting that's where they'll head with it.
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