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Kissing and thinking about one man, telling another man she will always love him and not to marry some other chick and than feeling a 'wifely duty' towards yet another man. WTF?!?

My question is: In between dudes Sami, how's that plan coming along to bring home the biggest little mistake you ever made?? You know the plan you only had about 4-5 months to come up with but yet still needed more time for? Remember that? I know glitter can be blinding and having "feelings" for multiple guys can be time consuming but try to fit that into your busy schedule.

Can't say I was every a huge Sami fan, but there was a time that I liked her scrapper attitude. She went out there and took what she wanted consequences be damned. She was always a bitch with a master plan. Now she just stands around wringing her hands and can't come up with even a shade of an idea or plan after she has had months, MONTHS to come up with something, anything. Who is this chick and what has she done with Sami?
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