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Feb 25 2009, 11:35 PM
Well, alot makes sense now. She only signed for one year. I wish the mags had reported differently last May because it was reported in SOD she signed for 2 years but whatever. It's interesting because after she resigned last May she kind of faded from the spotlight. Chan blew apart around July and she kind of in limbo after being in nonstop frontburner story after story since she came on basically. She said she thought about leaving last year so I bet the show figured she would leave anyway so they played it cautiously for the year and tried a few things out to see if they could somehow find something to keep her around longer. It kind of makes sense why they went with Chan and then Chick again and now Chex. It's like they kept trying to find something to interest her to stay.

I don't agree when you say that the show was trying to find something interesting for her to stay. The backstage drama prevented the show to go have a clear vision for her character, IMO. Even when Dansea was over they kinda hinted a triangle with Mick vs Chick but again, the writers decided to sacrifice Nick to prop Melanie. Everything just seemed to be very instable in all of her storylines since about August/September.

So as the months went by and once they got some stability backstage, they probably thought that they would go with Chex since Max had nothing to do after Stax. And wait till she renewed her contract to, perhaps, hire a new love interest for Chelsea.

I really doubt that the show was trying to find her something interesting to play since they probably already knew deep down that she would leave after this year. Especially, with all the mess that went down backstage this past year.
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