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Feb 22 2009, 11:54 AM
TP isn't off limits if he posts online. He is fair game, and I find his comments about fans somewhat ungracious. I do think he is entitled to say what he thinks though, and though I am not a fan, I think he is one of the generally fan friendly actors on days. I think he has a bit of an ego, but to be fair, he wouldn't survived this long in the business if he didn't. Now I am sure I will be bashed for this since he is off-limits but no matter to me.
He's no more off-limits than any other actor or actress, say, like one of his best friends? I still find it extremely ironic that it's called "him being off-limits" when people defend him. But oh, well.
Oh, hell, this goes around in circles, but I'm glad to see that the Thaao discussion isn't off-limits anymore. There are people who are on both sides of the fence. The man said what he said and didn't recant. People who like forthright actors are going to give him kudos. People who don't like forthright actors or people who love Reilly or think that no one should speak ill of the dead won't. Period. (Or people who feel Tony was an interloper to a certain couple, LOL)
And, yes, just about ANYONE who has had success for decades in the entertainment industry has to have some sense of ego, or at least, a very positive self-image. That goes without saying. Or, maybe, just loves his/her craft and doesn't play the kiss-up game in order to get ahead, but gets ahead merely on their own acting merits.
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