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I see this thread is still here and ITA with your post ladyofthelake. Of course I would I'm a Thaao fan. ;) I know I can't change any minds about what Thaao said. People will believe what they believe and I think anyone here would defend their favorites if they had spoken out the way Thaao did.

Of course Thaao has a bit of an ego. I think he has earned it.

Anyway, I really loved what Susan Seaforth Hayes had to say about Thaao in her book LIKE SANDS THROUGH THE HOURGLASS. Thaao and her did not hit it off at first and they had their run ins, but are now friends.

Susan Seaforth Hayes " Thaao Penghlis is a lot like the French. You wonder why they are carrying on so. Then you go to Paris, see how glorious it is, and realize the French have a lot to be arrogant about."

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