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Mar 2 2009, 08:57 PM
However, I think in the end, RM doesn't have to explain why she wants to leave Days, she's a good actress and it's time to move on, no sense remaining on a sinking ship. I just believe working on a set where you get to watch your friends and coworkers be handed their pink slips and all you have to show for it is a lousy tshirt is miserable to say the leas.
Yeah, I agree. I don't think it matters why she left--as far as I'm concerned, leaving because she didn't like the way her character was being written would be a perfectly valid reason (if that were the case) and it wouldn't make her look bad to me. Whether she left because she wanted to try something new, wasn't being creatively fulfilled, didn't care for the writing, didn't care for her coworkers, whatever--if she wanted to try something else I say more power to her. She's talented and I won't be surprised at all to see her get another acting job.

I did think this was an interesting quote:

After the breakup with Daniel I wanted her to go through something. I wanted her to go through, this is going to sound so jaded, I wanted her to go through an anti-man thing. I think thatís something every girl in the world can relate to and she had a special circumstance where it wasnít even a guy leaving her for someone else, it was a guy leaving her for her mom and grandma! Itís like the worst of circumstances and I think it would have been interesting to see how a young girl copes with heartbreak. If you really think about why we all watch TV, itís to watch the love stories because of issues in our lives and I think however she wanted to deal with that, I think it would have been interesting to see her turn to drugs; I think it would have been interesting to see her turn to alcohol, because those are things people my age in those given scenarios could foreseeable do. I think that makes for great story too. I donít think theyíve really delved into those two topics that much.

On the one hand, it's kind of typical of young actors, it seems to me, to think that kind of stuff--drug/alcohol experimentation/addiction storylines--are inherently interesting (I find them boring, but then, I'm not an actor). But what interests me about that is that she doesn't seem to have wanted another pairing, at least for a while. I wonder why that is, if there's more to it than her desire to try something a little different (and on DOOL, not being part of a couple is definitely out of the ordinary, if you're under 50).
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