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Mar 3 2009, 08:03 AM
Mar 2 2009, 11:26 PM
If Daniel and Hope get together, I think Kate will be behind the whole thing. It has to be apart of her whole revenge plot on Chloe. I don't think Daniel and Hope will actually sleep together. She'll just make it appear that way to Bo and Chloe when they walk in on them.

Sucks to be Bope fans who are actually rooting kate on in her stupid revenge scheme (which i'm sure will eventually blow up in her face....they always do.
I think you are right.Remember Corday said it would not be what it seemed to be.Its part of Kate's revenge.She somehow arranges for Hope and Daniel to be caught in the same bed(That stupid old bitch!)
I can't find a good reason why she would push Daniel in Hope's direction? Maybe she wants to make sure Chloe has no one to turn to when she exacts her revenge? Still, that is LAME, if true.
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