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Dear Friends,

Well on Friday Tony D died once more. And what lovely gifts awaited for my next lifetime. like a king, all that beautiful fruit for nourishment, Champagne to lift the spirits and a candle to light my way and finally a pink tie with cufflinks to dress for the occasion. I feel that in a past life the Hoochies were my Harem. Oh what joys were experienced. Finished yesterday lying there while EJ and Stefano spoke their truth.
On friday the exc. producer ask if I would like a farewell with the cake I always called the cake of death. I said no but thanks for asking. I must say the work and story was good. And my fellow actors rose to the occasion. I embraced my crew and actors, and left without seeing Gary Tomlin to say goodbye. He was nowhere to be seen. Sadly the writing was on the wall. When its over, its over. And when my basket from the girls arrived they would not accept it as I was no longer working there,Ah where are people's hearts dear friends? Gone to fear everyone. But I left with a pre-nom and life allowed me to leave with integrity. I did the work they paid me to do and left well. My good memories will always remain. And I still thank KC for his employment. With new things on the horizon and new experiences on the path ...the sun shines brightly. My only regret was that Anna was not there when Tony died. Lost opportunity. So come along and let me show you another way to see life and the experiences we will again share together.

Speak to you at The Chat on Saturday At 4pm.


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