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Mar 4 2009, 12:13 AM
He sure does like to take digs at Gary Tomlin..I find that pretty funny..I'm bummed that Anna isn't around..I agree that's a waste..
He mentioned in his last posting that LeAnn will be making an appearance so it seems that will be after he already dies.

I can't blame Thaoo for being upset but I wish he would stop limiting the blame to just Tomlin. I mean, some of these actors are playing right into Corday's hands. Corday always deflects blame and now the actors are helping him. Croday could've stopped any of the firings so he deserves blame too. He hired Tomlin and is letting him do this, afterall. Blame him. I'm just sick of one person being blamed when everyone is to blame. It's the same way I feel when I see Higley get the sole blame for some things. Blame all the responsible parties if you are going to point the finger of blame at someone

Again, Thaoo has reason to be upset. The lack of buildup doesn't bother me, personally, because the last few times we've seen Tony he's been acting suspicious and been stirring the pot so in a way there has been some. I think Thaoo feels strung along. After Andre died, he got little nibbles here and there and I think the big Dimera story that began in August/September being dropped was the final straw, especially since he sort of languished in the months after. Plus, I think he hates how LeAnn was treated but I still think the show never wanted her back in the first place. I still recall when Thaoo returned in 2007 and how he seemed to push for it so I always felt he did just that and Hogan liked the idea so they agreed to bring her back just for the hell of it. She essentially was brought back just to bring more attention to all the return and that summer's big story. It was window dressing IMO.

Having said that, I'm glad they brought both Thaoo and LeAnn back for one last hurrah, no matter how lackluster it ended up being.
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