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I am not defending Corday and I certainly do not like the man at all, but I think its becoming really obvious that Tomlin has control of the show...for now, anyway. It seems to be Tomlin/Whitesell and then some Higley mixed in...for the first time in years, it seems like Corday is out of the picture(though I'm sure it won't last).

I am enjoying what has happened on Days since Tomlin entered, but I don't like how he was nowhere to be seen during Thaao's last day or his goodbye. That comes off Corday-like(not showing his face). Thaao obviously doesn't like the man, and while I am enjoying his influence, I have to say that would get under my skin too.

And I agree about how this will be sorta random...we saw just a bit of Tony during Janurary, but that was just mainly him suspecting something was up with Nicole. Other than that, he's been virtually non-existant...so to suddenly have some huge whodunnit will be weird. But I have been enjoying the recent stuff so hopefully this will be good.

Oh and I wish LeAnn could be there...she's returning for one episode, right? I wonder why the heck she hasn't appeared at all since September.
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