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I think it's obvious Tomlin pissed some people off. I'm beginning to wonder if he had some words with some of the people who were fired. I mean, MBE was used a bit but SN wasn't at all so I always wondered if maybe SN and Tomlin had words. It's clear Thaoo and him do not get along. Thaoo has reason to be upset about Gary not being around but, on the other hand, we don't know what really happened. Gary may have been busy and it doesn't sound like Thaoo sought him out. From reading this, it comes off like Gary was not on the floor as Thaoo finished his work so he didn't bother to look all over, which is fine. He's entitled and I can't blame him.

I've been saying for months that Corday is on the outside looking in for the first in in years. You can tell. Everything has a direction now. You can sense long-term vision. I also don't sense Higley at all either. I honestly haven't sensed her in the writing since around mid-November. I think she is just there to bring everything together but Tomlin/Whitesell control story overall.

On one hand, I applaud Tomlin for finally getting Corday to make major changes and for finally "passing the torch," so to speak. I also applaud him for finally keeping Corday out of the way. I also understand that circumstances meant action needed to be taken to help the budget right away. On the other hand, I wish they handled all this differently because the way these people were treated on their way out the door was cruel and offensive IMO.
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