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Mar 4 2009, 12:23 AM
I am not defending Corday and I certainly do not like the man at all, but I think its becoming really obvious that Tomlin has control of the show...for now, anyway. It seems to be Tomlin/Whitesell and then some Higley mixed in...for the first time in years, it seems like Corday is out of the picture(though I'm sure it won't last).

I am enjoying what has happened on Days since Tomlin entered, but I don't like how he was nowhere to be seen during Thaao's last day or his goodbye. That comes off Corday-like(not showing his face). Thaao obviously doesn't like the man, and while I am enjoying his influence, I have to say that would get under my skin too.

And I agree about how this will be sorta random...we saw just a bit of Tony during Janurary, but that was just mainly him suspecting something was up with Nicole. Other than that, he's been virtually non-existant...so to suddenly have some huge whodunnit will be weird. But I have been enjoying the recent stuff so hopefully this will be good.

Oh and I wish LeAnn could be there...she's returning for one episode, right? I wonder why the heck she hasn't appeared at all since September.
But thatīs why Noel Maxal is there. He is the supervising producer, controlling the things on stage. Tomlin seems to spend more time upstairs with the writers and doing the longterm decisions. Personally, I think itīs better than Ed Scott who was all buddy buddy with actors, but he, Highley and Corday never found a common ground.

Anyway, good luck to Thaoo. Iīm really looking forward to the murder and what it will mean for the Kiriakis/DiMera war. I think centering the show around those two families was one of the best decision ever.
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