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Mar 4 2009, 12:29 AM
On one hand, I applaud Tomlin for finally getting Corday to make major changes and for finally "passing the torch," so to speak. I also applaud him for finally keeping Corday out of the way. I also understand that circumstances meant action needed to be taken to help the budget right away. On the other hand, I wish they handled all this differently because the way these people were treated on their way out the door was cruel and offensive IMO.
I donīt think the bad exits have anything common with Tomlin. I remember so many bad exits of a great characters even during the 80īs and 90īs. Neil Curtis, Shane Donovan, Marcus Hunter, Adrienna and Justin, Kimberly... all important characters, all either just disappearing with no goodbay, or having rush exits after spending months on BB.

I really think Corday is a firm believer of "out of sight, out of mind" theory and the last thing he wants is to remind people how good this couple/character used to be when there are already plans to cut him off.

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