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It seemed to me,just the average viewer,that Tomlin came in and stopped everything,after the hospital lockdown...if you notice,everything changed,after.I just think DOOL is taking a huge risk,letting this man have total control...I mean he has two dead soaps on his hands.Anyhoo,its very clear,Thaoo is not a fan of Tomlin's,and I understand why.He just completely forced Tanna off the screen.I will miss him,,I think he is a wonderfully gifted actor.He plays good well,and most certainly he plays BAD excellent.I loved he made Andre insane!!!I think the way he was treated was cold,,crap like that comes back to haunt people...I have every confidence that Thaoo will go on and do MUCH better things.,.am I hope he wins that damn Emmy,so he can rub it in ALL their freakin faces!!But,then again,,Thaoo would not do that,as he has WAYYY too much class,I sure the hell would tho!
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