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Mar 4 2009, 10:13 AM

More spoilers from Sony:

EJ and Nicole decided to have Sydney baptized. Stefano suggested the convent, then wondered why Nicole had gone there in the first place. Good question. They made it through the baptism, but Tony has learned Nicole's secret through a clever conversation with Mia. How long before he reveals the truth?

Rafe hooked up with a face from his past, who warned him about Sami. Meanwhile, Sami was determined to bring Grace home, and when Sister Theresa called her, she blurted that she was going to bring her baby home. Unfortunately, EJ overheard her and wondered, what baby?

Lucas and Chloe made it to the justice of the peace in Vegas and, after a series of interruptions, were finally married!
Kate planned to fly to Las Vegas to stop Lucas and Chloe from eloping. Victor tried to dissuade her, but she was determined. She made it to Vegas, but not in time. So she developed a new plan: she's going to kill Chloe!

Tony convinced Melanie they should become partners in her fuel project. She agreed, and stole the final blueprints out of Max's safe. Unfortunately, she realized Tony planned on double-crossing her. How's the little spitfire going to handle this one?

Victor finally learned what happened with Titan's computers and laid into Philip. Then Brady told Philip to lay off of Nicole. Poor Philip was getting it from all sides, but he was determined to save the fuel project. When he learned Tony had the final copy of the plans, he FREAKED, which freaked out Stephanie.

Bo reacted jealously when he saw Hope with Daniel. He had another startling vision, while Hope was somewhere, saying she never thought Bo's premonition would come true, but

Will offered to help Mia, who was clearly down on her luck. She finally returned to the pub, where Caroline insisted the poor girl take some food. Is Mia staying in Salem?

Let's hope Stephanie gets so freaked out by Philip's behavior, that she heads back to Dayton. Oh please, for the love of the "soap" Gods. :hail:

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