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[Note: There are usually three or four Days articles between the two magazines, but this week there are only two, both on the same story. Because of that, this will be the only Days magazine summary this week.]

This week's SOD features an interview with Lauren Koslow, and this week's SOW features an interview with Nadia Bjorlin.

Bjorlin tells SOW that Chloe prayed for a sign to tell her what to do, since she was torn between Lucas and Daniel. When Lucas woke up and didn't remember that he'd learned about Chloe's affair, Chloe took that as the sign she needed. However, before Chloe talks to Lucas, she goes back to the chapel to pray for more guidance. While she's there, she sees Daniel praying as well; he's there because of, as SOD puts it, a "mind game" that Kate played on him. Chloe doesn't hear what Daniel is saying, but he's praying for a sign that his decision to let Chloe go was correct.

Chloe leaves the church without talking to Daniel, since as Bjorlin says, "Chloe doesn't trust herself around [him]." Chloe then goes home to talk to Lucas. As Bjorlin explains, "She wants to get married as soon as possible, get it done with, and start her life all over again."

Lucas is confused by Chloe's request, and he tells her that maybe she's hiding something from him. But Chloe gets upset and tells Lucas that if he doesn't want to marry her now, maybe he doesn't want to marry her at all. Lucas leaves so that he can calm down.

Lucas tells Daniel about his issues with Chloe, while Chloe talks to Will. Will tells Chloe to talk to Lucas, because maybe the two of them are avoiding something.

Daniel tells Lucas to do whatever Chloe wants, so Lucas goes home and tells Chloe that he's ready to get married. They kiss and start packing to go to Las Vegas. Bjorlin says that "Chloe isn't really thinking clearly... she's driven by guilt to do the right thing, but thinking about another man while you're doing it is not a good beginning."

Meanwhile, Kate asks Victor for advice, and Victor tells Kate that Lucas needs to hear the truth about Chloe from someone other than Kate. As Koslow says, "[Kate] decides it might be better to manipulate Chloe and Daniel into admitting it themselves."

Kate finds Daniel and tells him she knows Chloe is having an affair. She then asks him if he is the one having the affair with Chloe. Koslow says that Kate is "entrapping [Daniel] and manipulating him and torturing him... she knows and he doesn't know she knows and she plays it right to the edge with him." However, Daniel does not end up admitting anything to Kate.

Kate then goes to confront Chloe. However, when she arrives at the cabin, Will tells her that Chloe and Lucas left for Vegas. Koslow explains that this is not good news, because Kate wanted the truth to come out before the wedding, and Kate "felt she could put enough pressure on Chloe and Daniel that one of them would break", but instead "it pushed Chloe to rush the wedding".
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