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Week of March 27, 2009

Kate's ugly side came out when Chloe and Lucas turned down her special request. Meanwhile, Nicole's world was falling apart, but she might've figured a way out of it when her nemesis, Tony, got seriously injured in a fight with Philip. Would she finish him off?

Week of April 3, 2009

The fall-out is sure to continue as Tony died after his fight with Philip, who swore the whole incident was an accident. Would Nicole back him up on that? And if she did, what would that mean for her future as a DiMera? Will Kate move forward with her dastardly plan if she learns there is a Roberts' heir involved?

Week of April 10, 2009

Philip tried to get out from under Victor's shadow, but even if he succeeded, a threat from Stefano might take him out of everything. Nicole's erratic behavior threatened her happiness, specifically, her marriage to EJ!

Week of April 17, 2009

Nicole desperately raced to the altar, while at least three people planned on stopping her. Would she make it to the "I do?" Kate continued to plot murder and it looked like Bo's vision of Hope and Roman was about to come true!

Week of April 24, 2009

EJ and Nicole's wedding continued, but Sami arrived, bent on stopping it. Would she succeed? Across town, Stefano's plan for revenge was fulfilled (more or less), causing another similar plan to begin. Will Victor manage to kill his new nemesis?

Week of May 1, 2009

Philip survived the attempt on his life, but will he agree to get out of Salem to avoid another attempt? Stefano, meanwhile, learned why he wasn't feeling so well and it was quite a surprise. Brady made an important decision.

(Source: Sony "Special Features" on daysofourlives.com)
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