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Apparently, Sony realized they fucked up and put too many things up too soon because all of those links no longer work. Glad we got the spoilers before they had the chance! :)

So Nicole witnessed the accident between Philip and Tony that resulted in Tony's death. That's the hard decision she has to make, speak up on Philip's behalf or send him to jail because of her DiMera ties. I love it!

Why the fuck are EJ and Nicole getting married in April? Do these people even know when sweeps months are? You have a bride that has a huge secret about to get married to a man that possibly loves another woman, who's involved in the secret that bride's keeping. That just calls for a May sweeps storyline, yet we're getting it in April.

Well, for once, it'll be interested to see Sami trying to stop a wedding rather than it always being the other way around and someone's always trying to stop her weddings.

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