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After watching these clips, I started wondering what the gifts meant. For some, they got to play out, but for others, the stories were dropped due to poor decision making. But here are my thoughts on what the individual gifts meant.

To Kate Roberts, I will always remember your sensational appetite Kate. Your hunger for love. That hunger may finally be satisfied. While you’re waiting for your love to be returned, I leave you the gift of a food you’ve been craving. (Kate is given a jar of kippers).

I don't know if this had anything to do with the Gemini twins. I don't think B&C had any intentions on making Kate the twins' mother, so I doubt the kippers had anything to do with a pregnancy craving. I bet it had something to do with her time on the fishing boat, like another poster said. Perhaps Kate fell in love with someone on the fishing boat and B&C were planning to bring him back. Perhaps Stefano did away with the man or something. I don't know. This was the most myterious gift that can't really be explained, I think.

My dearest Celeste, I have never forgotten your great beauty as well as your devotion to our lovely daughter. In order to repay you I bequeath to you something you may have missed more than you realize. (Celeste receives paper dolls with the words We Must Reclaim Our Youth)

This was definitely about Caprice. I think she was going to be connected to Celeste. She obviously knew Celeste back in the day because she called her Frankie, and that's what Caroline calls Celeste because she knew her before she changed her name to Celeste. The only thing I didn't understand was why Celeste turned to look at Hope after she got the gift. What does Hope have to do with reclaiming Celeste and Stefano's youth.

To Roman Brady, keep up the good fight. (Roman receives a statue of a Roman gladiator)

The lamest out of all the gifts, I think. Pretty explainable.

Shawn Brady Sr, I want you to think back to your childhood in Ireland. No carefree childhood years for Shawn Brady. I bequeath to you a gift from the DiMera Clan that will always remind you of your past as you brave the troubled waters of your family’s future (Shawn gets a boat with a baby doll on it)
I think the baby doll was supposed to represent John. I think B&C had plans to make John the child of Grandpa Shawn and Daphne DiMera. Tom Cassiello, I believe, came out and said that the idea of having Alison Sweeney and James Scott play Brady and DiMera ancestors was not the first time that idea was thrown around on DAYS. He said that back in 2002, the plan was to have Kirsten Storms and Jason Cook play Brady and DiMera ancestors in love. I bet Storms was going to play a young Daphne while Cook played a young Grandpa Shawn, and they were going to explain the love story and how John was produced and then Stefano found out and Daphne sent the baby to live with Philomena for protection. If you remember, Tony told John that his temper was very much like his biolgoical father's. Grandpa Shawn always had a bad temper.

I just don't get why Grandpa Shawn looked at Colin.

Hope Brady, while you carry on with your life as Mrs. Bo Brady, proud mother of and loving wife I urge you to keep your eyes open despite the darkness. (Hope receives a scarf fashioned as a noose, which later they realize is a blindfold)

This storyline played out. Hope kept her eyes open and realized that Billie was in cahoots with Larry Welch, against her knowledge of course.

And now to the beautiful and dramatic Marlena Evans Black. I say dramatic referring to the many roles you have played, some of them against your will I’m afraid. However, your days of role playing have not entirely ended. (MArlena receives a pillow with the words “The Sleeping Beauty in the Woods” on one side, and a constellation embroidered on the back as well as a sleeping beauty)

This played out. Marlena was about to play the role of the mother of Rex and Cassie. The way it should have stayed! Damn you Higley!

And finally to John Black, John how can I put into words how much I admire you. I can pay you no complement higher than to say you are a gifted player in the game of life. Therefore I bequeath to you my special chess set. (John gets a chess set, but the queen is missing from it!) The game is not over John, prepare yourself for checkmate!

Checkmate stood for the game not being over even after Stefano was gone. Tony was John's next challenge and the mixing queen meant that Tony was going to be after Marlena, the same way Stefano always had been. He knew that the twins would come into play and that John and Marlena's marriage would be rocked when they found out that Tony and Marlena share children.
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